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It will have been two years in May of '07 since I've had a 10 year copper IUD inserted. The first two months after insertion I've developed vaginosis (hope spelling is right) and my doctor has treated it with first a cream, and then some pills. Afterwards, I haven't had a problem till recently. I am married and my marrige is monogamous. Of course one can never be certain about the second party, but for the sake of this question, let's keep monogamous lol. About 4-5 months ago I've noticed that after EVERY single period I have, I develp a fishy odor that lasts for a good 4-5 days to a week after my period has ended. A week after my period ends, everything goes back to kosher, or normal, so to speak. I don't have any strange discharge, no fluids, nothing at all, other than the odor, which I've already mentioned is "fishy" with almost a hint of a smell of metal. Weird! In any case, I am beginning to wonder whether or not my 10 year wonder birth control method, has let in some funky bacteria into my uterus. I am not sure at this point, if it's vaginitis, vaginosis, however you spell it, or whether I'm looking at a serious case of PID which has developed over the last year and a half in my body. Which of course would be devestating to me, considering the fact that my husband and I are looking to start trying for another child at some point in the summer of 2007. I wouldn't want to remove the IUD just to find out that I'm no longer fertile. HELP !



First of all, you need to go to a gynecologist. Get tested for STD's, and tell her about your concern so she can figure it out. No one on here can diagnose you through a computer. However, IUD's do heighten the chance of (if you have one) sexually transmitted infections travelling up into your uterus and causing some damage there, such as pelvic inflammatory disease or something like that. Or it could be no big deal. But if you think something is wrong... definitely go check it out.