I have moving joint pain, random chest and abdominal pain with diareah and bloating sometimes. Ive had these symptoms for about a year now and its taking over my life comsitering im only 13 years old. I have to constantly excuse myself from class or leave a party early to come home for fear my random attacks might get so badillitating ill get vommit. In gym class im in the top untill we have to do stretches. I have trouble with my knee joins and elbow joints when in gym. I cant sit without the pain shooting around my knees. I cant do a thing without worrying about my symptoms. I havent told anyone abot these stmptoms ive had for a year or longer. They all didnt present at the same time. The abdominal pain was set off when i was 9, the joint pain when I was 12 and the chest pain when I was 11. The chronic fatigue is a new symptom accompinied by ballance trouble, dizzieness and light headdedness when standing and trouble remembering read or heard information.