hey guys im pretty new to this so excuse my lingo 

basicly ive been of cerezete for two weeks after being on them for 6 months i havent had a withdrawle bleed at all and when i was on bc i hadent had a period at all im getting quite worried after all the horror stories i had read about cereazete . i am now experienceing REALY tender nipples to the point i cant face wearing a bra ( i never expreience tender nipples before my period)  the only time i have ever experinced nipples like this was when i was pregnent before and that resulted into a misscaradge. im also experiencing lower back pain and cramps to the point im running to the bathroom thinking i have just came on! im experiencing feeling sick but not to the point im going to vommit. im only a baby myself at 18 but me and my fioncay have had unprtected sex 5 times since ive been of the pill , the one closest to me coming of the pill was 2 days after im just wondering if anyone has been in the same situation and if they have got any advice im quite worried but i would like it if i did have a BFP please any one helpp!