So im 18 and ive been getting some odd symtoms, like pain under or over the left chest, and by the center on the left side i feel a line of pressure. Dosent always hurt but its been there for like 2 weeks and i sometimes have panic attack issues thinking its serious and the pain becomes more severe but i cant tell if its cuase im panicing or not, it hurts my upper back too, some times my right chest hurts too and my left arm would have a aching pain like a vein maybe. People tell me its from stress but i sometimes get this pain randomly. Also ive done a ekg test where they read your heart rate and came back normal, the doctor said he doubts it my heart, but if its not my heart than what! My symtoms are Pain in left arm, Pressure by left center of chest( not always in pain) Upper left back pain Shoulder pain, Anxiety, Random pains at times, Dosent always feel it when im taking a a deep breath, I weigh 147lb and is 18 years old