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Im a 16 year old female and still attending school for another few months. Just a really quick question which ive been trying to get answered for months now. I used to go out running at least 3 times a week as its the only time i have to myself and i enjoy it. I may only do 5km a day or 3km a day but thats my fitness. However, within the recent 8 months, ive been getting head aches , shortness of breath and chest pains and cramps whenever i run just down my street! I have not put on any weight (roughly 9 stone at the moment) and im a non smoker. This has made me stop running for months as it got really painful in my chest and now i barely do any exercise without getting dizzieness or shortness of breath or chest pains. my parents know this situation but regard it as my being silly or me not eating properly. Ive asked to go to the doctors but ive been rejected by my parents. Just a recall of problems -chest pains -short of breath -cramps -dizzieness Would anyone be able to give me a hint on what could be causing this? Or give me guide lines of what i am doing wrong?



All of your symptoms point to heart. Does your family have a history of angina or the likes? Have a doctor examine you, chances are he will conduct a stress test to determine root problem. Good luck