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I just had a subtotal colectomy (three weeks ago). It's complicated by the fact hat I have diabetes and had a heart attack while in the hospital recovering from the surgery!

White and wheat breads are not good for me. I'm wondering if any of you know about the benefits or otherwise of rye bread. I live in the Czech Republic and we have some wonderful rye.


Hi Curt,

depending on the reason why you had to undergo the colectomy procedure and how much of your colon was removed, rye bread might actually help to protect the remaining colon cells because the fiber you get from eating the rye bread also have been shown to bond with toxins that are present in the colon, so that they can be flushed with the rest of the waste.

Rye bread is also generally recommended to people who suffer from diabetes over white bread because rye contains much higher fiber content, as well as magnesium and essential amino acid tryptophan. The higher fiber content makes you feel full much quicker and it also triggers lower insulin reaction which helps you control your blood sugar levels much better.

Wish you all the best,