Okay, I have a big problem. I noticed a single bump near the inside of my thigh, at the top of my vagina. Not inside, on the outer part. It's no where near the vaginal canal and nothing is on or near my anus. It's a single bump. I haven't been tested for STD's in over a year, but I haven't been sexually active. The bump looks pinker than the rest of my skin. I scratched it (I have really long nails) and it bled a little. It's irratated, but it doesn't hurt, and its the only one I have noticed. I was not at home for four days straight, and I did not get a chance to shower, my underwear rubbed against my thigh and created a rash. Could this bump be the product of wearing soiled underwear and the heat, or do you think it's something else? PLEASE NEED ADVICE.