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Well I don't exactly pass out, I'm 14 and when I strecth after sitting down or just waking up. I then lose all power in my body and can't stand up and everything goes slightly darker, but it only lasts for a couple of seconds and then I'm fine, I don't really know a lot about my diet or anything but I don't think it would be related and I don't have no sort of disorders (I think.) it's quite annoying and I'm just curious what's going on and if I need any medical attention.


Hi Harry,

Look up "positional hypotension."  It's very common and usually harmless.

What it means is that when you stand up suddenly your blood pressure drops temporarily and you feel lightheaded, etc.   It can indicate that you are dehydrated or that you have low blood pressure.

Your school nurse could always check your blood pressure OR see your doctor.

Hope it helps.