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Hey there! I suspected i might be pregnant, i had this horrible gramps, like i was about to go to my period right away,i then went to the doctors for urine test, and is out negetive, i also did an ultra sound, and it showed nothing. i have gravings and i have this feeling that i am pregnant, i have mood swings, i even shouts at my son all the time. the doctor said the test can be negetive if the pregnancy isn't six weeks yet. AM I PREGNANT!!!!%-)


Hi, i have a question. My last period was August 24th, it is now October the 10th and i did not get my period yet, I did notice a little bit of spotting the 2nd of this month. i noticed a bit of blood that afternoon but that was the only bit of blood i noticed. i spotted brown for the rest of that day and a little bit the next day.It wasn't a lot of blood, it was only a tiny bit when i whipped twice there was no more blood, it was just a bit brown, but it was light brown. im wondering if there is a chance i can be pregnant. i took 3 homes pregnancy test and they all came back negative. but if i am pregnant i would only be, the latest is 4 weeks. is there a possibility that i am pregnant ??!