I stopped taking my pill the beginning of this month. I've had unprotected sex several times since then. I've been feeling very dizzy lately. I've also had constipation. I've been nauseated every day for the past week, especially after I eat. Also, I have had some pains in my stomach the past few days and I've had some gas. I'm not sure how possible it is for me to be pregnant. On the 24th I had some brown discharge, there was a lot of it but it only happened once that day and not after. Today I've had A LOT of clear "egg like" discharge. I took a test today and it showed up with a faint positive line then disappeared after a few minutes. I'm not sure what this means. To add to everything, I've been VERYYY emotional the past week. I've also noticed a lot of blue veins pop out on my breasts and I've been very hot to the touch, but I feel cold inside, if that makes sense. Any thoughts?