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I had unprotected sex about a week ago. My boyfriend knew right away that he didn't pull out fast enough... I'm supposed to start my period in three days or so... but I don't feel like I usually do before I start. I've been getting headaches, and I have been really nauseated this morning. Is it possible that I am pregnant? It's just a really awkward time in the month and I'm not sure because I've never been pregnant before... Help?


Hi Guest,
Yes it is very possible that you could be pregnant. However, I dont think that you would be feeling symptoms of pregnancy this early. I havent really heard symptoms of pregnancy to be a headache though. Usually, if a person is pregnant, and is taking vitamins and has constipation (later on in pregnancy gestation), the constipation can cause headaches, which usually a stool softener is recommended by the physician.
The nausea, I would think wouldnt appear until much later on in the pregnancy. I think the nausea would be equated to nervous feelings and the headache could be equated to worry. Sweetie, this is an awful lot of stress to put your body through, unless your yourself and your husband are intent upon a planned baby.
If you dont get your period, I would wait about 3 more weeks, and take a home pregnancy test. If you still dont get your period wait another week and take another. Please be sure if you are pregnant to take prenatal vitamins and seek the care of a physician, you have a little life growing inside of you and counting on you to keep yourself healthy.
Blessings and hugs to you, let us know how you are doing, ok?