Okay so my best friend (who lives 500 miles away) and my sister in law who I see very often are both pregnant and at the same stage of pregnancy. Now I shouldn't get my period for until March 20th according to the My Days app on my phone, but my calender has been wrong on multiple occasions, I'm not very regular. But on this past Sunday (March 3) I had some brown blood, only when i wiped. Then on Monday it was a very very light normal colored flow, which is uncommon for me, it's usually very heavy. Tuesday was a very light pink only when i wiped, nothing on the pad. Wednesday absolutely gone, but I was nauseous all day, the smell of food cooking made me sick. Thursday I woke up and was vomiting and I had diarrhea all day. Today (Friday) I feel fine. My husband thinks that I was just having sympathy symptoms. We last had sex Feb 6, 18, and 27th (always wore a condom) and my last period was January 21st if that helps. I know it's a slim chance being that we always use protection and the vomiting and such could have been a bug, but what about the menstruation? If anyone has any wisdom to share on this it would be greatly appreciated.