I am only nearly 18 ppl may think I am too young but we have made our decision, me and my boyfriend want a baby, but I was on the depo sh*t I had my last shot 6 months ago. The doctor thinks it will be out of my body by now. Periods returned in late december and since then this is how they have been...
28th-30th dec
3rd jan
17th-20th jan
28th jan-3rd feb
8th-15th feb
21st-28th feb

I started taking some herbs agnus castus on 23rd feb.
My doctor sent me for a blood test on 27th feb and got the results on 3rd march, I am not anaemic and my thyroid is fine however I am low on progestagen.
I had unprotected sex on 27th feb and 2nd of march on 3rd march i noticed some pinkish colour spotting what would that be?

someone please help