I found thread like filaments in several places on my body that presented as ingrown hair type bumps. After trying to extract several of these from my skin in horror and yet really curious and fully intrigued, I gathered the "filaments" I managed to pull out from my skin, some deeply rooted and maroon coloured and some like a spider web, clear and formed like a "matrix" of "web like, fine, strands, closer to the surface, and took them to my GP; I originally thought it was some type of dressing left in my body from a breast reduction surgery. I was ready to sue. My GP sent my findings to a pathology lab. I will tell you what was found after a bit more detail so you can fathom this abnormal experience and hopefully have some constructive feedback.

Some choose to attack the idea of Morgellons and sum it up to the affected individual being "psychologically unstable" however,  while doing research on exactly what i am experiencing now; a weird "hair phenomenon", as I would call it, I found myself looking at a seemingly legitimate organization (meaning that they dont think its aliens or whatever and this American organization has spent a lot of time, effort, and money, while battling political and close-minded opposition) that is researching "Morgellons" (  as apparently there is no official name to this unknown phenomenon....yet.

So with my resulttheses back from the pathologist, my GP told me that these "thread like filaments" are composed of Keratin, Collagen, and necrotic skin cells. 

This is when I got nervous. All the research I had done found other people's "filiment/thread findings" to be made from clothing material caught under rashy, then scabbed over type material, but with so many people all over the world with similar discoveries and a fairly large American organization dedicated to this....TELL ME...WHAT IS IT? I even went so far as to see an infectious disease specialist who tested me for Lyme Disease; which is only about 40% accurate, and the test was "non reactive".

My hypotheses are:

1. a type of genetic mutation of collagen and/or keratin, 

2. A pathogenic disease such as Lyme disease from a tic or other vector borne insect, an alternative mutation of leishmaniasis (I've travelled the globe), a unknown strain to syphilis (I do not have this either lol however the a-helices are very similar to the non-microscopic filaments I found, 

3. The Mallory body...

I believe, that like many other ailments/diseases etc. discovered, this simply has no "official" name. I noticed the CDC only found sufferers that had man made type fabric samples to observe for their research then closed the case really quickly.

What you can't explain doesn't exist? NO....., This is me spending alot of time and effort into finding a REAL scientific hypothesis or factual documented explanation  other than Morgellons 

I've seen research done on this from all over the world by medical experts and the academic students.

This shouldn't be a medical mystery with all the amazing technology in this world.

Thanks for hearing me out!