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 Hi everyone, I received a Maltese dog as a gift from my boyfriend a few days ago. It's my first dog ever so I'm kind of lost. I consulted my friends about a lot of things, about the food I should feed her, about teaching her to poop outside and about the number of times to take her out for a walk. We started to talk about vaccines and one of my friends mentioned a Lyme disease vaccine. He said it was very important for my dog to take it. I wanted to ask if you know about this vaccine's side effects, if there are any?


Hi Jordan.

 I think your friend might have been misinformed, and so are you now. 

The Lyme disease vaccine is no longer available. Its manufacturer stopped its production in 2002, because it wasn't demanded enough on the market.

 I'm not sure how can I help you then with it's side effects, but I can assure you that your dog isn't going to get this vaccine since it doesn't exist anymore.

 Even though it's said that it was withdrawn from the market because of the low demand, I also heard that it was removed due to safety concerns. 

Anyway, just be sure to give your dog all the other necessary vaccines.



Hi you two,

I can agree on what rubylock said, Jordan. 

Lyme disease vaccine is long gone and both people and dogs had been living without it for almost 15 years now. Lyme disease is a disease caused by bacteria of borrelia type. If you happen to get a tick bite, it takes about 36-48 hours for the bacteria to spread so you have enough time to act, if you notice the tick. 

You can just remove it and there you go. There are some researchers who are trying to make a new vaccine for Lyme disease. If it happens, we will let you know.



Hey there.
I just love Maltese dog. They are so adorable.

I would like to have this dog, I think that he would be amazing buddy with my Boo :)
Let me answer on your question - those vaccines are no longer available.
I am not really sure what is the main reason, I am reading your posts, and I don’t know that much about it.
I think that I have heard that they are no longer on the market because they were main reason for some side – effects.
They are trying to find good vaccinate to replace this one, but I am not sure is this going to happen ever.


Hello. When those vaccines were available, vets didn’t have complete answer – are they good or not, are they effective or not. Some of the main research’s suggested that those vaccinations are pretty good to prevent infection in dogs who are exposed to the Lyme organisms. The vets are against those vaccines, mostly, because they had a lot of side – effects back then. According to this, they can do more harm than help you. I believe that there are some other meds that can help you. There are some good reasons why lyme disease vaccines are out of the market. But still, vaccinate your dog with other vaccines. 



Hello everyone.

First, I have to notice that someone else in here has Boo dog :) I don’t know a lot of people who have Boo, and I am really happy when I see this :)

We are rare.

I was thinking that I can give vaccine for my dog, and when I went to see my vet, he told me that they are no longer available.

The main reasons were side – effects, such as


Joint pain,

Kidney failure,

Develop lameness,

Your dog can get sick with those vaccines as well.


So, what is the point giving your dog those vaccinations, if they can get sick?