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I will watch girls sores ing while f*****g while masturbating and I still don't get sperm penis 4.5 hard


m8 your only 13 that IS normal.

im 14 and still cant cum lol if that makes you feel better.

you will start to produce sperm and semen in the later years of puberty not right away.

Ino cant wait right!!lol


P.S lesbien porn IS GOOOOOOOOOOOD ;]



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Enjoy the dry years, it gets messy soon enough. It doesn't feel any better, it's just messy.

I started when I was 10 and I began to get something coming out when I was about 14. At first it was just clear stuff, then gradually some white stuff started adding to it.

It was much more fun when it was dry because I could do it inside my pants without any tell tale dark spots showing. Sitting in class looking at a girl I thought was hot and hiding it under my desk.