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I have a doctors appointment tomorrow but I wanted to see if I could get answers now, I'm 37weeks pregnant & yesterday around 3pm I started geting a bad lower back ache and it hasn't stopped. The aching is also in my left leg. As I sit down I feel a lot of pressure an when I get up I get some stinging pain. But it goes right this the beginning of labor or what this is my first child


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Normally, child birth occurs within 38 to 42 weeks of pregnancy. However, due to certain reasons, a woman may experience contractions before the expected due date, that can actually be a sign of a premature delivery or probably a false alarm. To give you an idea on whether a contraction is a sign of a true or false labor, I'm listing below a comparison between the two.

FALSE CONTRACTION: It starts and remains irregular. It is felt first in the abdominal region and is confined to it along with the groin. When ambulating or sleeping, the pain disappears. The duration, frequency and intensity do not increase.

TRUE CONTRACTION: It may begin irregular but soon becomes regular and predictable. The pain is felt in the lower back and sweeps around the abdomen in a wavelike manner and it does not stop, when ambulating or resting. There is an increase in duration, frequency and intensity. Through an internal examination, done by a health professional, a cervical dilatation is present.

Personally, I would advise you to contact your physician, right away. It is best to inform him/her, as he or she knows when to admit you at the hospital.

:-) Good luck!Have a safe delivery.