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during the winter months its like clock work. I get colds back to back. usually they start w my a sinus cold...which becomes a sore throat then into bronchitis. this cycle continues over and over sometimes once i have finished being sick for 2 weeks w treatment from antibiotics (amoxicillin mostly) then about a week later it seems this sinus thing comes back again and the cycle starts all over again. I have gone as far as buying an extra heater for my room, buying vapor steam things for my room...using sudafed...NOTHING WORKS. i even uptake my vitamin C and use airborne....wash my just seems my immune system completely sucks! i have developed this fear last couple years that i will die from a cold.... what can i do to alleviate these problems ? Recently, i was told that amoxiclav 625 is better for my colds because of my sinusitis and chronic this true ? and is there a preventative measure to sinusitis ?


boy i know wat ur going through, iv had chronic sinusitis , throat and chest problems for ova a year now, also followed by panic attacks, av had all the antibiotics, decong, vitamins even 10g of vit c a day, steroids and could neva get completely well, BUT PLEASE for god sake go to this website , when i 1st saw the website i thought yer rite as if they work, but buy them!!!! takes couple days delivery get a facial sauna , and breath in the stuff they really stink but be persistant do it every 2hrs for at least a wk, then 2x daily for a week, then 1x daily for a week and see how u feel, i guarentee u will be 100% better , at 1st sign of a cold strt doin it again, this greatly shortens the duration of the cold, and stops it turninng into sinusitis and chest email is ************ if u want chat bout it, all the best mate ....there is light at the end of the tunnel !

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