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I had unprotected sex but my boyfriend says that he didn't ejaculate inside of me and let me remind you that I have irregular periods. I haven't had a period this whole month but I haven't had any pregnancy symptoms. Only a missed period and my stomach has been feeling weird. I took a pregnancy test and it turned out to be negative. Thinking I should take another one. Help?


Hi Shay, 

Guys can't always tell when they ejaculate.  Semen can come out without an orgasm.

Missing a period is a possible sign of pregnancy.

Unfortunately the home tests are not very reliable.  They are really only reliable when they indicate "pregnant."  They "default" to "NOT pregnant."  False negatives are VERY common.  False positives are VERY rare.

You must use your very first morning urine to test, your wake up pee.  Follow all directions carefully.  Wait until at least two week after you had sex OR when your period is due.

Good luck.