(42hrs or less i took plan b) 5-6days later i had spotting/period? (Pinkish brownish forApril 13-15)usede pregnant tests just to be sure ... were all negative May 11 (normal 4-5days period)June 8..July 6..but this month i was supossed to have it on the 3rd,, but its the 8th,, i still dont have my period,, the last time i had sex was in april.. whats going on? y is my period late.. i feel gassy my boobs hurt.i gained some weight... i been stressed / freaking out cus of this plus other things..

now im spotting? light drops of pinkish brown.. am i gunna start my period today (aug 9) or is this some thing else?

::read somewhere that u could still get pregnant still having ur period. Is this true??