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I was expecting my period on the first week of this month in janurary but it didnt come. I noticed my breast got bigger and were hurting, they were really sensitive. I took a pregnancy test on 21st, a week later after i should of gotten my period,  and it was positive, took another the next day and positive too. I started spotting on the 27th & 28th on sunday morning which was the 29th around 4:00 am i started spotting a little more, it was heavier, but it wasn't like a period. Sunday and Monday it got a little heavier kinda looked like a period was darker and heavier and had small blood clots on my tampon. This morning when I changed my tampon it was full and had more blood clots. I just changed my tampon a few minutes ago and it was full and had big blood clots and other stuff too, didnt look like a period at all im scared that I could of lost the baby if i was pregnant. Should i wait another day or go to the Dr. Tomorrow?? does this sounds like a miscarriage or no? I'm having really bad cramps also.


Hi Hun,

I'm so sorry you're going through this right now.  I know you're probably freaked out. You are/were pregnant, there are rarely ever false positive pregnancy tests much less two. There are a couple of options:

#1  It is possible that you could have miscarried.  
#2  It is possible that you have suffered an ectopic pregnancy, which is just a fancy term for a pregnancy that happens anywhere outside of the uterus, but very serious as it could put your life at risk.
#3 Lastly, every pregnancy is different and perhaps this bleeding is normal for your pregnancy (a little bleeding is somewhat common). 

Because the bleeding has been over the course of several days I'd recommend you go to the doctor as soon as possible.  

I'm 8 weeks pregnant and I spotted and I cramp all the time (even as I'm typing this) so hopefully your doctor will do a quick ultrasound and tell that everything is ok. Because spotting and cramps are normal in early pregnancy, I hope this is just how your body is reacting to pregnancy.

Best of luck and let me know things go!!


Hi sweetie,
Gracias for the reply, and ur right I am freaking out, only because I haven't shared it with anyone, well I did with my friend but she wasn't really giving me any feed back and I havent told my boyfriend. I am planning on going to the Dr. it doesn't feel right, it feels weird. I'm 27 years old, and I have a baby boy, he is turning 3 on the 2nd of March, when I was pregnant with him, I never experienced anything at all, the entire 9 months was like if i wasn't evening pregnant did everything like normal, and had a normal natural birth with him. I stopped using the pill about a year now. We really weren't thinking of getting pregnant again, but I was kinda looking forward to it, so when I took the test and it read pregnant I was happy, hoping this could be my baby girl that I want, but your right every pregnancy is different I'm thinking of going to the Dr. tomorrow. Oh and the bleeding like I mention it was light but now its heavier and its alot of blood clots and like I mention other funny looking stuff ...

Congrats on your pregnancy, and yes cramping is no fun, I still have them too, as we speak, and I've never really got them before too and lower pain, so thats why I'm a little worried too ... I hope everything goes well for you and your pregnancy ...

I will let you know how everything goes k, and thanks again for the reply i need it to talk to someone ... ;)