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Today when I was at college and talking to my form teacher about my issues (I have BPD), she mentioned that I've lost alot of weight since I started year 10 (now 12) and that she's worried there might be something wrong with me like anorexia.
I don't have problem eating, I use to when I was a kid but sometimes I do feel disgusted at food and really put off. I also get extreme anxiety where I can't eat infront of certain people.
I don't really understand what this means. Could I be anorexic?
I haven't weighed myself lately but i'm probably 8.3 stone and about 5'7".


Hi honey! The average weight for a woman your height - depending on frame - is from 123 lbs to 163lbs so you are 115 and depending on your frame you are either 8lbs underweight or about 31 - going on the less amount for each frame! I would hazzard a guess that if you haven't weighed yourself lately that you are probably less than that! As someone has noticed! And I would think that you are a bigger frame because an 8 - 10lb difference wouldn't be that noticeable, but a 30lb sure would!!

Annorexia is a VERY complex disorder and since you have already been diagnosed with BPD! I truly think that it would be more likely that you do have some form of Annorexia! It is SO hard to sort out through an email, and I would think that you would need to talk to a professional about this, to try and nip it in the bud before it becomes deadly! As you know when you start loosing so much weight and not taking in the correct calories and vitamins and minerals, you can have heart attacks, loose your hair, stop menstruating, strokes, loss of teeth etc. etc. etc. it is SUCH and awful disorder! So I would really like you to reach out for help and talk to a professional about this and hopefully see a nutrionist to help you with eating things you like! I commend your teacher for coming forward that's a good one! Some look away and don't acknowledge that their students have a problem!

I would also like you to weigh yourself again and see what it says! I have a feeling you might just be shocked! Kind of like me when I kept the weight on my license - from when I was 16!!!!!!! I am now 45 and a "little" bigger!!!! ;-) XD Just trying to make you smile honey! Let me know how you make out OK? Good luck and health honey!