A couple of months ago I weighed 139 lbs. I went to the doc for ear pain & acid reflux. I have also seen an ENT. I was treated with amoxicillin for the ear ache & am still on Omerprazole for the GERD. Then I got diarrhea. I have never seen anything that looks like this before. I have a narrow stool with clear or white things. I still am fighting that. I also suffer from what I think is hemorrhoids. I am treating the hemorrhoids but they keep coming back. They are so bad I even have pain at my episiotomy scar(20 yrs old). Lumps with no bleeding. It hrts so bad I cant sit or stand. I have lost down to 125LBs. I have for the last year been experiencing extreme hair loss. My cycles are only spotting with sometimes 1 day with actual blood flow. I am 43 yrs old. Blood test show normal hormone levels. my thyroid checks out OK, I don't have H Polori. My stool sample shows no parasites. I need help but I am not sure what direction to take. What could be causing these symptoms? :'(