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Hello, I'm 16 years old and am a male, and I have constant stomach pain to matter what, I have sharp pains everyday and it hurts a lot. It gets worse after I eat and I have a lot of constipation, and diarrhea too. I'm very weak and only weigh 92-93 pounds and obviously am under weight. I have had this my entire life and it has been getting worse. I take miralax which is a stool softener, and I take a pro-biotic as well. I take other medications for my depression although I have changed them multiple times thinking that it were those although nothing changed pain wise or with the diarrhea and constipation. Recently I saw a white blob in my poop ad I was really scared on what it might be, I felt it and it was slimy on the outside and chalky on the inside, it was disgusting, it was the first time I ever saw one. I also never have a appetite, and literally forget to eat and don't remember too. I lost 24 pounds in under two months and have barely gained any weight back. I was 118 pounds before I dropped weight and was around 89 pounds I'm struggling to gain any weight back at all. I was also very sick before I lost the weight, I couldn't eat without extreme sharp pain and literally couldn't get up. I was also having diarrhea a lot, and was feeling cramping pains. It lasted about a week, I have cramping pains every other day at least too. I also cannot sleep without Tylenol pm, even with that sometimes I cannot sleep at all. I have headaches as well and am out of breath constantly, even going up stairs. Crohns disease runs in my family, and gull bladder problems too. My parents just think its my anxiety making my stomach hurt but I don't think it would do that much to me. They say they do not know what they should do anymore, and even though I say: "My insides hurt" they just ignore it and my sister tells me to be quite which is very aggravating. I'm very forgetful and recently I forgot to take all my pills, even though I have a pill box, it was complete hell, I was very moody, my head hurt like hell, didn't wanna talk, stomach hurt even more than usually, and had no appetite. I've been to the hospital, have had at least 60 blood tests done for it, and have gone to a specialist in the city as well. Everything/ everyone said I was completely "healthy". I eat healthy too, I drink milk and water nothing else. I eat peanut and butter sandwiches, coco puffs, oranges, apples, pancakes made from scratch, and chips from time to time. I take may lox to which destroys gas. I have taken that clear disgusting stuff that flushes everything out but nothing works. If someone could help me on what it could be, that would be great! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.



Hi Leopard,

You may or may not appreciate this.

1.  Stop taking all the over the counter products (Maalox, Tylenol, etc.)  A healthy body does not need them on a regular basis and you can build up a tolerance.

2.  Stop drinking so much milk.  Lots of people can't tolerate it as they get older.  

3.  Watch out for the apples.  They can give you diarrhea.

4.  Stop the "flushes."  They irritate your colon.

5.  Peanut butter and peanut products can lead to constipation.

6.  Pancakes too, if not cooked properly can cause gas or constipation.  Some people also can't tolerate grains.

You really should eat a variety of foods.  

If you've exhausted all other options, see a nutritionist, for advice on your diet.



Thank you a lot!