This is a long shot, as every doctor or anyone that will listen I tell this to, you can see their eyes go dead like I'm speaking a language only I know. Any time my adrenalin kicks in or I get upset quickly or frightened, or if I am trying to lift something heavy, use a shovel...etc... I begin sweating and this monster from within rises up and this SEVERE pain begins around my rib cage, clawing its way through my back and expands its way down my spine? or intestinal tract. I cannot cry it hurts too bad, I scream. I MUST have cold air blowing directly in my face to survive the episode and feel as if I am going to throw up or pass gas before it subsides. Depending on what I am doing determines the length and intensity of the episode. I cannot live like this . I cannot live a normal life this way. I'm afraid it is going to kill me one day while experiencing this awful episode. Can anyone give me a direction?