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If you are overweight You have a health problem as well as an esthetic one. You are overweight.

If you are overweight

Every day you look in the mirror and you realize that is time to loss some pounds. You want to lose pounds the easy way. The exercise, diet, everything seems difficult. You get an email, an advertisement for diet patches. When you read it, you think there might be a solution for the problem. Diet patches may seem like that a dream come true, an extremely convenient and simple solution.
Before you decide to buy diet patches, read this article. If you follow our advice you will save both your money and your health.

Do diet patches work?

In a number of advertisements, you can read the following: “Simply apply our one-of-a-kind patch on your arm, follow the program, and excess weight disappears! Non-invasive, safe and easy to use, this patch guarantees weight loss with dramatic results.” These sentences sound too good to be true, and they are. The only thing you'll probably end up losing is your money.

Most people will try anything to lose their pounds, but your health can be but to serious risk if you use diet patches, nutritional supplements, diet pills, or other non-approved products. Diet patches simply don't have the effectiveness of conventional weight loss products. There are no magical diets or weight loss supplements or diet patches that are proven to help you lose weight and keep it off.


The manufacturers claim that diet patches have certain ingredients that, when absorbed into your skin, will assist in weight loss, but diet patches have different ingredients then those touted in sales pitches. The “secret weight loss ingredients” found in diet patches are often the same as those found in oral weight loss products. You should know that there isn’t any clinical evidence or study that supports the theory behind diet patches, and their effects have been highly controversial.

There are several different brands of patches for weight loss. The ingredients in some brands can be helpful in fat loss or weight reduction, but when taken orally. Ingredients like zinc pyruvate and green tea have been clinically shown to assist in weight loss when ingested orally. There is no proof that the same effects occur when the ingredients are applied to the skin. Manufacturers claim that weight loss ingredients create the same effects whether they are ingested orally or applied to the skin. They also claim that once you place one of these patches on various parts of your body and over a period of several weeks, your body is supposed to absorb the various ingredients.

In truth, the amount of ingredients needed for fat loss must get into your system in a short time period in order to have a maximum effect.  It would be impossible to get the amount into your system for a positive result with patches. It is simply not physically or scientifically possible with patches. Taking a small amount of a fat loss ingredient through your skin over a long period of time won't do a thing. Also, there are some diet patches that don't include clinically proven fat loss ingredients.

Manufactures of some diet patches claim that their products have the ability to speed up your metabolism, or suppresses your appetite. They claim that the weight loss patches will stimulate your metabolism and help you start losing weight quickly. You should know that this is physiologically impossible. When you buy a diet patch, they will typically send you a brochure explaining that you need to exercise and consume healthy food. If you only follow those instructions without the use of diet patches, you will probably reduce your weight anyway.

Some people claim that certain diet products helped them lose weight, but it’s rarely heard for diet patches. Most overweight people use diet patches without any success. Dietitians and other weight loss experts don’t recommend these products.

In order to lose weight successfully, without a regain, you must have an individual diet and exercise program. If you read the literature accompanying most weight loss supplements, it often states that that effective weight loss is not possible by taking the weight loss products by themselves. Don’t cover your entire body with weight loss patches, and don’t think that will give you the steady supply of fat-burning nutrients you need. Doing something like that may cause certain health problems. Therefore, the best thing you can do it is to get rid of diet patches.

Is it possible?

You should avoid diet products like diet patches, at all costs. There is no practical use for diet patches so save your money and your health. Makers of diet patches claim that you will start to notice results in as little as 3 days. You should ask yourself how that is possible. Even with some of the most powerful fat-burning drugs used by body builders, such as winstrol and clenbuterol, it takes at least 2 weeks for you to notice results. (These drugs are illegal, and highly dangerous.) If you maintain a diet and exercise regimen, any weight loss you notice in the first 30 days is just water weight, nothing more.

Some good tips on losing weight

If you are really set on losing your excess weight, the best thing you can do is forget about diet patches and save your money. The only way you can lose weight is to lose body fat by eating less food and being more active. Being overweight commonly leads to increased blood pressure as well as to many other health problems. If you are overweight, you should seek professional help. Your doctor, a dietitian, or a nutritionist can advise you about calories depending on how active you are, your height, and your physical condition. Some doctors have no time to do the dietary, nutritional or lifestyle counseling which is necessary to implement the changes needed for permanent weight loss. You should find a good dietitian, or a nutritionist to help you with instructions, and who will have enough time for you.

Weight loss should be gradual. It probably took you several years to put the pounds on, so expect it to take several months to lose them. Regular exercise that burns calories (walking, jogging, swimming, etc.) is the magic ingredient in many people's exercise programs. Check with your doctor first about the safest program for you. If you eat when you're bored, busy yourself to take your mind off food. Divide your daily calorie allowance into several small meals a day, instead of eating one or two large meals.  For between-meal snacks, choose high-fiber, low-calorie foods such as apples or celery. High-fiber foods make your stomach feel full quicker. Drink enough water.

Losing weight can help restore your energy, mobility and vitality.  If you lose your weight the healthy way, you should be able to lead a longer, healthier life.