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Or I hope so (misery loving company and all).
Ok, so my body frame is a lot like olive oil -pity me- and nothing ever changes with me, unless I'm pregnant.
Well, I now have breast, they started growing sometime last month and just more of filling out then actual being swollen. Now they hurt a bit, like sore and tender to the touch and bigger. Its weird.
I got, what I thought was my period on the 27 of nov. It was normal for all of two hours, a heavy flow then nothing for two days, then red spotting which I wouldnt have noticed if I wasnt checking. Then nothing. A few days ago I started waking up with headaches and feeling like I was going to be sick, I like was hung over (this was not the case to my dismay) and now, I'm having a lot of weird discharge which I should be do for for another three days and some dull cramping in my pelvic area. I've had two kids before and I know what it feels like to be preggers and I'm feeling exactaly that right now.
Everthing is off, wrong and weird.
but...I took a test three days ago. Neg.
Annnd, my tubes were tied like two years ago.
Nothing ever changes with me, unless (as stated before) I was pregnant. You could set your watch to my period, my pre-ovluation, ovluation and luner phase, but not this last cycle..and its wigging me out.

Have a doctors appointment on the 30 of this month, and am dur for AF on the 23. I better get her! and get her right.

Anyone going through anything similar or has done?
If I'm not pregnant (which I'd rather not be) what else could it be?
Someone be my angle please.



I have herd that chlamydia sometimes shows
the same symptoms as pregnancy. So you might want to get that check out.


I've been with the same man for ten years, he was my first and my only.
So, trust me, I'm clean.
And besides:

1)Bleeding after sexual relations or between menstrual periods. (Nope)

1)Lower abdominal (Pelvic pain and cramping doesnt = abdomial pain)pain and burning pain during urination (which I dont have and therefore didnt mention)

Those are the signs (if any show themselves) of chlamydia.


its also a sign of pms, or a hormone imbalance


Well, I know it's not PMS because well, I'm not due for like three weeks soo...But the hormone imblanace I've considered.
I'll have to get loaded up with pills...yuck.