Stick with me all this is going to be long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry in advance) September of 2006 I started visiting the ER, my gyno, and my primary doctor... Reasons for these visits were due to pelvic pain I was having on my left side...I missed my period so right away I thought I was pregnant. However after numerous test done by all three facilities on different days, times etc. (test meaning blood, urine, ultrasound, and pelvic exams). All came back to be negative!!!!Mid September came along and still I was in pain, not one doctor had an explanation for the pain I was having. They kept preforming test on me all still coming back negative for pregnancy. By October the pain was getting the best of me, so I went to see another gyno,he did a pelvic exam and said my uterus was soft then asked if i could be pregnant..I looked at him and was like i thought i was until all those test came back negative. He then sent me for blood work and well there it was almost eight weeks later i was pregnant..had another ultrasound done to confirm it i was for sure eight weeks along in my pregnancy.I had a healthy full term baby boy on May 11th, 2007... Now its July 2008 I once again missed my period....For the past three weeks now i have had symptoms as though i was pregnant...However we can only go by what test tell us and yet again i have gotten four urine test (two at home and two through the ER), three blood test (through the ER, and my primary), a CT scan, and an ultrasound...all of which came back negative..the only thing that came up was a shadow in the ct scan which can not be identified..however when the ultrasound was done nothing showed up..Im due to see a new gyno ( my last gyno retired fun for me huh lol) on Monday that was the soonest i could get in...My primary said i could be going through the something as i did with my last pregnancy..It's just very frustrating i wish i could just get a positive test result like others... Reason for me writing this novel was to see if any of you have gone through anything like this..It would be so comforting to know others have gone through this...that might seem so dramatic, but when you have been pregnant before and know how it feels to be, and you know most deff that you could be its awful to get negatives for so long..does that make any sense...thanks in advance for all your answers