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Hi there wonder if anyone can help. A few weeks ago I got this bloating feeling in my stomach and a little pelvic pain, I then came on my period so felt this must of been symptoms from that. However now finished my period I am still experiencing pelvic pain and bloating but now followed by frequent urination. I often feel  like something is pressing down on my bladder. Any ideas of what this could be?

I am a little worried as I was treated for chlamydia 4 weeks ago and am now wondering if the treatment did not work or am I experiencing symptoms of PID ?

Please help


Hi Mcd pink! A bloating feeling in my stomach and a little pelvic pain are the PMS symptoms I suffer every month, but it stops as soon as my period starts. So, concerning your recent Chlamydia treatment I think you should talk to the doctor who led your Chlamydia treatment. Even if these are symptoms of PDI (you can always find a lot of informations about it on internet) it's treatment involves use of antibiotics so the professional medical advice would be desirable. All the best to you!