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I was diagnosed and treated for Chlamydia Feb. 15th and immediately went in to take my one dosage of azithromycin. I waited until April 12th to go back and get re-tested and somehow, I still have it without having any sexual intercourse (nothing since October 2012). Too bad my doctor didn't believe me :/

I went in a second time and re-took more antibiotics, but this time around, I'm having really bad pelvic pain. It's a sharp burn at the bottom right of my pelvis and shoots down my right leg. I'm really uncomfortable 24/7 (especially when sitting or lying down) and it's extremely embarrassing for me!I'm having yellow tinted vaginal discharge, but no stinging or burning when urinating and definitely no itching.

Anyways, it's been 3 days on medication and I'm not feeling any better as far as the pelvic pain goes.

Why am I still infected if I haven't had sex? And it seems to be getting worse, does this sound like PID? God I hope not. Was the antibiotics I took not strong enough? I could really use some help. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Actually, chlamydia is a disease that can recur easily.

Antibiotics are always with their side effects. They cannot be used for a long time and may cause damage to the kidneys and liver. It is reported by some patients that the longer they take antibiotics, the worse they feel, other than the decrease of symptoms. 

 You can choose herbal medicine (f uyanpill) to help you. Though it may work slowly, it can eradicate this disease and doesn't have any side effects. .. I hope it can help you.