We have been forced to lower the number of partners we have sex with due to all the sexually transmitted diseases but it seems that we are going to be warned about the kissing as well. Life just isn’t far.

Australian researchers report that teenagers who have multiple kissing partners are at more danger of contracting meningitis.
Statistics show that meningitis has been on the increase among teens in UK and the United States since the 1990s. The trouble is that not much is known about the risk factors for the disease in adolescents. Recent studies that involved 114 ill adolescents, aged 15 to 19, being compared to healthy teens showed that the risk of meningitis was increased with intimate kissing with multiple partners. Other high risk factors were having a history of viral disease and being a student.

What was found to lower the risk was religious events’ attendance in means of good behavior and being vaccinated against meningitis.

Health experts will do their best in order to raise awareness of the risk factors; however, they don’t believe this will make any difference. What could make a difference is for children to be vaccinated against the disease.