Psoriasis is a debilitating chronic skin disease that causes itchy, painful patches of thick, red, scaly skin. The disease can take a mild or a severe form although there are no definitions of what would make a severe psoriasis.

In the US, around 100,000 Americans have 10% or more of their skin affected while 500,000 of the sufferers have in their everyday lives because of the disease.
There are over 5 million people in US who suffer from this disease. It is thought to be an immune system reaction that targets the body’s own cells.

British researchers gathered medical records of over than 680,000 British patients and found that the patients who had severe forms of psoriasis had higher chances of suffering from hear attacks in their 40s. The main link is thought to be an inflammation that is common for both psoriasis and heart disease.

The link between psoriasis and hear attacks is not a brand new revelation, it is the conclusion made on facts and medical records. Cardiologists have long suspected the connection. The most important thing regarding this finding is to rise awareness among doctors who treat patients with severe forms of psoriasis about the relevance of regular controlling of the cardiovascular risk factors.

There is very little risk of heart attacks in people with mild forms of psoriasis.