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My Husband and I are ttc. We had intercourse on cd 13,14,15, I ovulated on cd 16 my cycles are 29 days long. And Im beggining to obsess over every little symptom I think I might be feeling. Could I be pregnant or is it all in my head. Did anyone else experience symptoms this soon. I havnt had any implantation bleeding .

2dpo: Cramping, Slight nausea, just feeling different
3dpo: More cramping localized to the left side, More nausea (more like a gagging feeling in my throat),really dizzy, Feeling even more different , wierd dreams
4dpo: Cramping still on left side turning into a pulling pinching feeling only feel it every few seconds, nausea (accually threw up )throbbing pain behind each breast, nipples itch , almost passed out , thirsty, cant sleep (but really tired), feel like Im in a dream, increase in cm (sry if tmi) really bloated. hungry but cant stand the sight or smell of food,

I have never felt like this before I am one of the lucky few that doesnt have any cramping, bloating, or breast pain with AF.


I absolutely could not get pregnant. I recently found out I was ill and had to get a treatment done, so my husband and I were very very careful so I would not get pregnant. Not careful enough though.
The doctor started me on new medication and I noticed a rapid weight gain within a few days. There were jeans I could wear 3 days before that were way to tight. I assumed it was the medication. I slept constantly and my husband would come home at lunch and I'd still be passed out. Again I assumed the medication. I was nauseous, but never had much of an appetite. I was getting cramping but my period was due soon so no big deal. Then one day I was sitting on the couch, only 3 days late, I've been a few months late in the past so I wasn't worried, but I got a sharp pain in my right nipple.
I spent the day thinking about things and decided to buy a test. I had no doubt it would be negative but better safe then sorry. Turns out I was 5 weeks pregnant.