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I have a lot on my mind lately. So I do have quite a bit of stress but there seems to be more signs weighing one way or the other. So I would much appreciate some opinions to help ease my mind either way.

It started out where I missed my period. Didn't think anything of it at first, for I've been late a few times before but never more than at the most 4 days. I started to worry when I realized my period was a week late. I didn't have any blood or spotting at all which is highly unusual for me also I had no cramping at all. (TMI - but I'm a heavy flow girl who experiences very painful cramps). 

I have been experiencing some pregnancy symptoms. Sensitive smell, weird feeling sensation instead of cramps, nausea, most recently breast tenderness, frequent urination, Major fatigue, even some odd days with headaches and dizziness. I just plain feel different. 

I have taken 2 home pregnancy tests and a urine test at the doctors all came back negative. Which if I still miss my next period (due in 5 days) I have to go back to the doctors for more tests.

Is there a chance I am pregnant? Likeliness of pregnancy with having high enough HCG levels to show in the tests? Any causes for this?


OK, so I had sex about 2 weeks ago. And I was suppose to start my period about a week ago. Could I be pregnant? I am kinda having some "pregnancy" symptoms but I fear it could be from something else. I have been experiencing fatigue but with the fatigue I'm tired but I can't sleep. Also I have been experiencing nausea on and off. And obviously a week late period. But no swollen or sensitive breast. No appetite cravings. Also the last couple days i have been experiencing Dyspnea (difficulty breathing). I noticed it usually comes at night. It got so bad last night that i had to go to the hospital. In whuch they took a chest X-ray and an EKG. Both came out perfectly normal. So i am a little confused and scared. Could I still be pregnant or is there something else wrong with me??