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me and my boyfriend been dating 2 years and always have used a condom, we then tried it briefly three times for three days without one, and then the fourth we had it alot, he went from without using when and then when he felt like he was gonna cum he put a condom on just in case, we did that about three times that night, later on that night he did it and pulled out and a minute later then came, but no where near me,
im just nervous because iv never had it without a condom, my periods range from a month to a month and a half, im Hopefully expecting my period in bout 10 days or so, but its been about 6 days before we had it, i have felt a little more tired, larger appetite like i wanna eat everything i see, junkfood wise. my periods normally last 3-4 days
i have very awkward periods, they will gush like wild the first day and the next days its just very light period
any way that i could get pregnant from precum or anything


Although since you had unprotected sex it is ALWAYS a possibility that you may be pregnant, I highly doubt that that is what is causing your symptoms.

Normally it will take about a week and a half to 2 weeks before you would start truly noticing those symptoms (all women are different, but generally)

The symptoms you listed (tiredness, larger appetite) CAN be attributed to pregnancy, although they can also be from a large number of other things.

I believe it is still too early to tell. The symptoms most likely are not pregnancy symptoms.

Try and be patient until your period, and remember:
If you are constantly thinking/worrying about it, your stress level can cause you to have a late period.

Late periods can also cause pregnancy-like symptoms such as: morning-sickness, cramps, enlarged breasts, vomiting, and nausea.

If you stay relaxed, you have a better chance of receiving your answer sooner.