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Hello, I am 28+ years old & am hoping you all can help me find the answers lol I had sex during my most frtile period (26-31 jan). My last period was from 16th jan 07, which means my period should have come on 16th feb 07. Instead, I started slight "spotting" on 11th feb (morning only and then it stopped)and then from 12th(afternoon) again I started bleeding. I was also having cramps in my stomach on 12th.On 11Feb I also kind of over strained my self because we went out for a trip and I climbed many stairs and went to the top of the mountain.I am afraid that the spotting that I got on 11th was Impantation Bleeding and then since I over exerted my self so I got that bleeding on 12. Am I right in thinking so....or it is just a normal period. Well, it lasted 2 1/2 days only which brings me to today. On 12th I was also having severe cramps in my lower abdomen and I was feeling very heavy and pressure towards downward side in my lower abdomen and during that time I was also having frequent urination. But after coming back home on 12th night I took complete bed rest abd after that I am not having any pain or cramps in my stomach.

Questions 1: Did I just experience the normal implantation bleeding? When having implantation bleeding, is it normal to have a little bit of red blood (which I experienced)as appose to the pinkish/brownish color everyone says?

Question 2: How long should I wait to take the blood test or home pregnancy test kit? AND How long should I wait to take the blood test after possible implantation bleeding?


Hello! My girlfriend masturbated me and and i cummed on my stomach. After that I cleaned it all up with tissue and went to shower. I cleaned myself up with water and after that I went to kitchen and cleaned the dishes, so there was dish soap involved (and hot water of course). About an hour went by , maybe 70-80 minutes and i fingered her with my right hand, the same one i cleaned cum off from my stomach with tissue. We were very scared of the outcome, so we decided to take plan B pill. Is it possible for her to be pregnant in this situation? And was the plan B unnecessary  in this case? Her period is also missing late. Should we go to doctor or this normal is case like this and we should just wait? She was on her 4th day of her menstrual cycle at that time, and two days after taking plan B she was having bleeding which lasted 7 days. Now she is in about week and a half into her next cycle and there is no bleeding. Should we be worried about pregnancy or this just effects of plan B?