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I am on birth control and take it religiously every day, usually my boyfriend and I use a condom but we've lately been going without. The last time we had sex he forgot to pull out completely and finished inside. (sorry for the details.) I'm a ridiculous panicker so I took the morning after pill a few hours after. Was the plan b pill necessary or would I have been covered by general bc? I've just known other couples who've got pregnant that way but I'm not sure if they were taking the pills at a regular time or anything like that. 


.a serious prob here..........we had sex jus one day after my periods but the prob is that it was unprotected........but i have taken ipill within 24 hrs,,,,,,,,,,,,,but that main prob is that my periods are late now by 7 days......and i cannot control my feelings and tension ,............plz help me out