I had intercourse at the beginning of the month and had to take MyWay the emergency contraceptive. The week after that I had some spotting that lasted 6 days (usually how long my periods last) and that following weekend I had intercourse once again. During intercourse he condom broke, but we heard it. So I knew he took the condom off but assumed he put a new one on but he didn't. He pulled out early and finished himself off. I did a urine pregnancy test that same week and it came out negative. This week I got my period on time but today being my last day I've been having nausea. I don't usually get nausea when I'm on my period and ever since I've taken that emergency contraception I've had a lot of nausea and alot of burping. Is this normal or should I be worried? There are no other symptoms other than me being irritable. my period was normal, it started off slow the first day but gradually got heavier. Also this app I downloaded that deals with fertility windows and ovulation days said that i was ovulating May 5th- May 10th. May 5th was the day I took the E.C. I also have regular periods. Should I be worried? Or am I just fine?