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Okay, so my last period started April 15 and lasted until the 22. My period from that time was regular. So i guess a 28 day cycle. On the April 22, i had sex with my bf with a condom but we did do a little without the condom. The following week on the 29th we did it again but unprotected n he came in me at around 5. I took an emergency one dose contraceptive pill the next day at 6. And now today im bleeding. But i dont know if im spotting or if its my period or what. I think its my period cuz its a large amount when i wipe but im not sure. The color is dark red & lasted for about a week which is a normal for me. A month later (May 22), I have breast tenderness and spotting. I am terrified if I am pregnant or if this is a side effect. Please help!


i didnt mean to type "now today i'm bleeding" ignore that part. i'm pretty sure it was my period but not quite sure