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okay. so ive had unprotected sex lately and recently my back has started hurting, i feel sick to my stomache, ive had a bit of throwing up, im becoming moody, and ive had a bit of a headache. even though my boyfriend has pulled out each time and to him he says its impossible for me to be pregnant by him, we've used condoms some times but when we dont he pulls out. the other night i had like a bit of blood on my panties and ive had some spotting. could i be pregnant? or could it just be because im on the pill and dont take it at the same time everyday? help please!


Have you taken a home pregnancy test to verify if you are indeed pregnant?  For the best accuracy you test with your first pee of the day, the highest concentration of HCG hormone at this time.  Or the other thing I'm thinking is that from the throwing up is that you could be a bit dehydrated if you are not drinking enough to replenish your fluids that you are losing so make sure you are drinking at least a litre of water a day.  Post back with results.