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Brittle, unhealthy nails is a very common condition in the world. It may seem minor, but it can cause some discomfort if taken too far. Learn what may be causing it and how to remedy it.

Of all of the minor health situations you come across in day-to-day life, brittle, unhealthy nails are one of the more frustrating. The state of your fingernails is something that rarely goes noticed when they’re great, but when they start to become worn and tired feeling, that’s when they become irritating. Why do brittle nails occur, though? And what can be done to help make them a bit better? We’ve taken a look and broken down the most common things to look for and the best ways to tackle them.

Brittle nails are just that: nails that become frayed, tough, chipped and damaged because they’re more fragile and tough than they should be. This comes about through a few reasons. Firstly, you could work a job that means you put your hands in and out of water regularly. Too much exposure to liquid can make your nails become unhealthy. There are many other reasons why your nails start looking like this, but it doesn’t merely happen overnight. If your nails don’t get the care they deserve, they could become unhealthy for long periods of time, and this can look unhealthy, uncomfortable or just plain gross. You’re in luck, though, because there are a few ways to counter brittle nails, and it is a lot simpler than you may think. 

Top-Up Your Iron Intake

One likely reason that you’ve not got healthy nails is due to a low intake of iron. Iron is a really important part of your life because great iron amounts help transport oxygen around your body, which in turn helps red blood cells, and in turn that keeps your body functioning correctly. A lack of iron can make the body act in all different ways. And a lack of iron can see a stark effect on your nails. If you suspect low iron in your blood, always seek a doctor as it can cause damage to your body in other ways and should be addressed immediately with supplements and sometimes even extra measures. Low iron can present itself in other ways, too, not just through the integrity of your fingernails. Keep an eye out for things such as flat, limp hair, pale skin, drowsiness, low immune system, and cold limbs.

Change Your Nail Polish Situation

You could easily find your nails becoming unhealthy merely from choosing poor make-up and polish hygiene. There’s plenty of changes that can be made if your nails start becoming dry and harsh-looking. If you polish them regularly and this change has happened only recently, maybe the type of polish you’re using doesn’t agree with you. Similarly, if you’re not taking care of exactly how you remove your polish from your fingers, this could have a negative effect too. If the polish remover is too harsh, or you’re not polishing well enough, the cuticles at the end of your fingers could become worn. This will damage how your nails grow, leaving them broken and sore.

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