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I Have been having discharge but its not like the other times when i have it...Its like a white watery color but when it hit my cloths it looks like jell..Me and my boyfriend have sexual intercorses quite often like every weekend when he spends the night and everyday...But he pulls out before he cums..But the pre cum is what im worried about!!!! Can i be pregnant I do feel the same and Ive been quite moody latley...Can I be pregnant..
Plzz help me
Thank u


Well you are aware that having unprotected sex has its consequences and pregnancy is only one of them.

But if your boyfriend doesn't come inside of you the chances you are pregnant are very low but chances that you have caught up some infection are high.

By the color and the texture of discharge every woman is aware when something is wrong.

Is the smell any different?


And since you are moody maybe you are just ovulating and all this shouldn’t be reason for stressing yourself. But you know how they say it is better to be safe than sorry so if you don’t plan to visit your gynecologist any time soon at least buy home pregnancy test and try to pay attention on other changes if you notice any. But I still think that the best thing you can do is to visit gynecologist. After all you could talk to him about some birth control options.