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I am writing this because i have some worries about my body. I've hit puberty but my penis is still really small when flaccid like 2 inches or less but grows significantly when erect. when erect it ranges between 6-7 inches depending how "hard" i am. so i would like to know if its going to grow at all anymore while its flaccid I am 16 years and about 5'9 weighing about 140 and i have had sex before and now I'm not being able to get turned on in the moment its like my body fails to get erect when i need it to but it didn't use to always be like that why is that happening? I've read things and it says that i think to much and need to relax but when i tried to relax it made me think more and I've tried not thinking but the more i try not thinking i think more so any suggestions and answers would be nice


Hi Guest,

You are BIGGER than average for an adult male.  A recent UK study found that to be 5.1" for an adult male.  Don't worry about the flaccid size - it varies considerably.  Many guys with larger flaccid penises only get a little bigger when they are erect.  You are NORMAL.

Can it grow more?  Yes.  Your penis can grow into your early 20's.

I agree.  Relax.  Focus on your partner and not on yourself.  Don't focus on it or it can make it worse.

Hope it helps.