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Hey there, I am a 15 year old boy who has experienced pubic hair, facial hair, voice deepening, and physical growth.  However, my penis is only an inch and a half soft and four inches erect.  My penis has a girth of four inches when erect as well.  A lot of guys are much bigger than me, and I wish it was bigger so it was easier to masturbate.  Should I see growth, or will it stay the same? 


Hi Harrison,

You are NORMAL. 

Flaccid size varies considerably.  Erect, average for a 14-15 year old is 4-5", so you are there.  Average for an adult male is 5.1". 

Your penis can grow into your early 20's.

Don't compare yourself to others.  We all develop at different rates/times.  You also see other penises from a different angle than you do your own so you can't really compare size.

Hope it helps.