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Do you think you have an abnormally small penis, and do you wish you had a bigger penis? Penis enlargement technique ads are everywhere (or will be, once you've Googled the topic once, anyway!), but do they really work? If not, what reputable surgical penile enlargement techniques are at your disposal? And more importantly, is your penis really abnormally small?

How Big Is The Average Penis?

One study determined that the average length of a flaccid penis is 8.8 cm, which amounts to 3.5 inches. The average erect penis, meanwhile, was determined to be 12.9 cm or 5.1 inches. And if you didn't know penis size changes from puberty to old age

That information might not do a whole lot to make you happier with your penis, of course. Another study found that most men, 66 percent, rate their penis as average but that 55 percent are still unhappy with the size of their penis. Most of those, unsurprisingly, wished their penis was bigger rather than smaller. 

Nonetheless, not everything comes down to your own wishes: the medical consensus is that you should not be considered a candidate for penile augmentation unless your flaccid penis has a length of less than 4 cm, or your erect and stretched penis is less than 7.5 cm long. 

You may also be quite interested to learn that most women care more about the circumference of a penis than about its length, in terms of their own sexual satisfaction. I'm not just saying that — there's research to back that up. 

I Have A Really Small Penis: What Penis Enlargement Techniques Are Available To Me?

First off, let's take a look at what you should not be doing. Pills and topical ointments advertised as helping you attain a larger penis have never been proven to work, so you can skip those. Using a vacuum pump or weighted stretching devices may increase your penile length temporarily, but you can also hurt yourself in the process. 

Those men who genuinely have a small penis, as defined above, may approach their doctor about penis augmentation rather than messing around with unproven and potentially dangerous at-home penile enlargement techniques. 

Such men will want to consider several different penis enlargement options with their doctors:

  • Are you overweight and do you have a lot of abdominal fat (a "beer belly")? This makes your penis look smaller than it really is. It is best to attempt to lose weight on your own first. However, a pelvopubic liposuction may also be an option for you. This pelvic liposuction doesn't actually make your penis longer, but it does create the appearance of a bigger penis, as pelvopubic fat will no longer cover a portion of it.

  • suspensory ligament dissection is another option. This penis enlargement technique gives you a slightly longer penis, as well as improving the angle of your penis After a suspensory ligament dissection, you will be instructed to engage in penile stretching exercises to make sure you get to keep the length you gained.

  • A skin flap operation that makes the part of the penis that is normally hidden inside the body externally visible is another very viable penis enlargement option.

  • Are you not bothered by the length of your penis, but would you like it to have a larger circumference? Hyaluronic acid (soft tissue filler) injections are the best option for you.

Finally, if you don't have an unusually small penis by medical standards but still feel self-conscious about your manhood, you may like to consider therapy to address your self-esteem. 

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