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I just recently stopped taking my birth control after 15 years on it. I finished it on December 22. I had my menstrual cycle from December 25-30. I have no idea when my next menstrual cycle is due. I had unprotected sex yesterday and I'm wondering how soon I can take a pregnancy test to determine if I am pregnant or not? Also, how would I determine when my next menstrual cycle is due? While on the birth control pill, I would get my period every 21 days and then be on th eplacebo pills for seven days.


Hi hon! The reason why doctors want you to wait for 1 full cycle afer you stop the pill is for the exact same reasons! So they can determine when you conceived etc, and when your due date is! As far as testing for this, you need to wait about 20 days for the HCG levels to be high enough to detect! IF this time isn't it, your period should be normal by next month = and it is usually 28 - 33 days after the last BCP period! So your's should be around Januray 25th, so you will need to wait till about the 20th to take a test! Good luck and health!