I was diagnosed with JME in December of 2017 and I'm 19. I've only had 2 seizures in my entire life (one in August 2017, one in October 2017), but I've never had any jerks growing up. I've had 2 EEGS which came back with milliseconds of abnormal activity. I take Lamictal and still haven't had another seizure. I've been looking at websites (not a great idea) and keep finding people saying that almost everyone never grows out of JME. I just want to live a regular life, i hate taking medication, I don't want to hit 21 and not be able to go to bars and drink with my friends. I love going out to music festivals with flashing lights that go on until 2 am. (I've never had a seizure during or around the time of strobe lights) I'm going to be weened off of Lamictal when I'm 21 1/2 (which will be when my 2 yrs on the drug hopefully seizure free). Basically I don't want to be 21, have another seizure, and not be able to drive or have fun. 

So 1: Do people really not grow out of JME?

and 2: how do people cope with having epilepsy in general? It's on my mind 24/7 and hindering my quality of life and happiness.