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Hi. I am a 15 year old and I was diagnosed with JME in 7th grade when I first had a gran mal seizure. Does it reduce any over time?

High school is a time to have fun and think about college. but i can't go over to people's houses to spend the night because if i don't get enough sleep i start getting jerks in the morning and it's really bad.
I'm worried about college. I want to go out of state.

My question is.

Is there anyone who is in college or was in college who has Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy who can give me the feedback on what college life was like for you. Did it reduce before you went to college? or did it stay the same? did it ruin your college life?

if you can answer this thank you!


HI there...i developed JME my first year in college...everything was just beginning for me and one morning i woke up and had a grand mal and woke up on my cement floor of my dorm room to 2 paramedics and my white faced roomie..unfortunately the doctors weren't helpful and i had 2 more after that but i got put on topamax to control it and have been seizure free for 8 months so i am good dont worry, you will be fine..just be sure to get PLENTY of rest and do not stress...stress is a HUGE factor...i havent had any jerks but i find now even that i am on meds if i stress about something huge i get dizzy or jerk a little so be very careful. but you will be fine..dont worry:)