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Hi, my name is Jake and i am 17 years old. 3 years ago i was diagnosed with juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy. I have had 3 seizures but those were all before i saw neurologist and was put on medication. After taking Depakote er for 3 years i haven't had a seizure at all, the only thing that happens is my arm jerks when i am sleep deprived, which i know is normal. All 3 years i went through high school denying the fact that i have this condition. I ignored the arm jerkings and thank god never had a seizure or anything close to it but now that i am going to become a senor, i have finally accepted the fact that i have to live with this condition, and from what i read, for the rest of my life. Denial was my way of coping, but now that i have accepted it, i have fallen into a slight depression,,, i find myself crying when im alone because of the thought that i can't be able to live a normal life. I just got my license and now im afraid that somewhere near the future i might lose it. My mom really wants me to stop taking medication because my doctor and the EEG proved that epilepsy was gone... however i still have the jerks but thats only when i am sleep deprived i never get it if i have a well night sleep. This is a positive but i am so worried that i can't live a normal life that i cry and sometimes feel like there isn't a point... all i ever wanted was to be a normal kid, but i realize thats not possible... but im just lost... after doing research i feel like i rather take medication for the rest of my life... because it seems to help so far.  Someone help?   



Dont stop taking your med who is saying you should stop taking your med? Your doctor or your Neuro doctor? And a eeg doesn't really mean nothing all the test meant was you weren't having a seizure at the time. 

Myoclonic isn't very nice but if you stopped taking your med then it could get worse you could later on have other kind of siezures.

I know how you feel i really do,Best thing to do is to join a epilepsy group/forum and any questions you have you can ask there as they will have been through the same as you.

You say when you are sleep deprived thats when you get it well being sleep deprived is a trigger when you are tired or stressed things can start to happen,With any seizure its allways best to get plenty of sleep and try not to get to stressed out.

Here is a thought you stop taking your meds and you are driving and you have a seizure what will you think if you cause a injury or death to someone else.

I cant give out a website or forum here pm me and i can then help you out.

Take Care