US population started blaming marketing approaches and practice on the increase of obesity among the population.

Another brand that is being sued is Kellog, which is a box of cereals intended for children. A consumer group finds that Kellog is using “unfair marketing practices” aimed at children to sell their product and increase their profit, as if that’s not the point of marketing.

Anyway, charges are not pressed yet because the consumer group is willing to settle
rather than sue.

If their demands are not met, they will ask from court to legally prevent marketing junk food in venues where 15% of the audience is under age 8. Companies are also asked to stop promoting junk foods through web sites, toy giveaways, contests and other techniques aimed at that age group. Parents are just not able to prevent their children from eating junk food because of their advertisement in such attractive manner.

We have come to the question: are marketing approaches the problem or parents’ inability to educate and influence their children?